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Mechanic's Special

" Mechanic's Specials " are vehicles that we have for sale.  These units have mechanical problems and we just don't have the time to repair them.


You may have a car thats been in an accident or has terminal cancer.    These vehicles may have the rust free parts to repair your vehicle.  Besides these cars, we have thousands of parts cars to repair your vehicle.


Keep in mind that these vehicles have absolutely NO RUST on them.  We will do our best to give an accurate description of them.  Also we will sell parts off of the, but it will have to be a major parts sale, for example: the front end sheet metal assemble or the side sheet metal, or cut off the back half of the vehicle, etc.


Call us now at 719-336-2108 or 800-825-0210 for more information.

"World's Largest Race Car"

Built by Don Woller in 1992

More information follows

2005 Chevrolet Cobalt 2dr


BOS - $ make an offer

2 dr, 2.2L VIN"F", AT,AC, Key, Engine got hot

2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser


BOS - $ make an offer

4dr, 2.4L, AC,AT,Tilt Col. w/key, PL,PB,Pwr mirrors.  Engine got hot.

1994 Ford Thunderbird



Asking $885.00


V8 4.6L,AT,Tilt,Cruise, AM-FM-Cassette, Power Seats, AC,PS,PB. Car runs and drives. Has ticking in engine, sounds like right top end. Left door trim panel missing.

  1994 Kia Sephia


BOS - $ make an offer

#156997 94 Sephia 4 door, 1.6L, 5 speed, 166K.  The engine is apart, head is missing

 2004 Kia Sorento


BOS - $ make an offer

4dr, 3.5L 24V DOHC, engine got hot.  Key, pwr windows, locks, and mirrors.  4x4, AC, 5spd, tilt and cruise.

2003 Saturn LW200


BOS - $ make an offer

#157070 4dr wagon, AC,PB,PS, 2.2L, PW, PL, Vruise, Tilt Col w/key.  Timing belt broke, engine has bent valves



2007 Ford F350SD 4dr,XLT 4x4



Asking $4995.00

#155321 6.0L diesal,turbo,key, PW & PL, mirrors, seat, AC, tilt, cruise, 130K, Bank Repo

 Lamar, Colorado, est. 1968

 Woller Auto Parts

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