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 85 Acres of RUST FREE Classic Parts & Project Vehicles

"Old cars, trucks, muscle cars, 1950 & Newer"

About Us

Don Woller grew up in Montague, Michigan and was fascinated with cars and mechanics since birth.  As a youngster, he never missed a chance to wander through the local junk yards.  In 7th grade, Don wouldn't take his homework from school, instead he would take a 57 Chevy, work most of the night repairing it, and then back to school the next morning.  By graduation time, Don was a true "gear head".

Following his military service, Don was in a serious auto accident, but recovered.  However, his love for cars still strenghtened.  Having his own body shop, Don soon came to the conclusion that there must be a better future than working on rusty cars in the inclimate weather. 


In 1968, Don and his wife of one year, Gloria, traveled Westward with a pop up camper in their 1963 Chevy pickup, traveled all the way to California.


  They stopped and visited an Army buddy in Lamar, Colorado.  WOW!! Look at those cars!  No rust!!  Bolts can be screwed apart with your fingers..."What a land of opportunity".  Don got a body shop job at Ford, went back to Michigan and closed up his shop, rented a U-Haul trailer and Don and Gloria were off to their new life of adventures in Lamar, Colorado.


Lamar is a high plains desert area, 3800' elevation located in Southeast Colorado.  It is very dry with 330 days of sunshine, anywhere between 5 and 10 inches of rain per year and very little snow.  A wonderful resting place for the automobile.


Don started a body and mechanic shop on 12 acres that they had purchased 6 months after arriving.  It just kept growing and growing into 85 acres of "5000 Beautiful Wrecks and Glamorous Bodies".

Don does very little advertising, just word of mouth and Woller Auto Parts now sells and sends parts all over the world.  Don usually asks new customers "How did you hear about me?"  Most  of the time the reply is "this guy told my friend, who told me about the good service, knowledge, and the good quality of parts shipped."


Don tells his customers that "I look the part over and will describe it to you exactly as I see it and as if I would be purchasing it for my own car, and I'm pretty fussy!  I don't sell junk!"


Don Woller is one of the few "old timers" who really still know and understands old classic cars and  parts, what they fit,  and how to make them perform.

 Lamar, Colorado, est. 1968

 Woller Auto Parts

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